Sell new products quickly and easily without inventory

Design unique print-on-demand items and sell them online
Junge Frau trägt weißes T-Shirt mit Schriftzug und schaut in die Kamera
Junges Paar mit trägt gleiches T-Shirt mit schwarzen T-Shirt

Drive brand growth with Print-on-Demand.

Shirtigo offers industry leading solutions for fast growing brands and agencies etc. who want to develop their business by selling individual and personalized products.

We print unique products for agencies, influencers, artists, festivals, TV formats and many more on demand. I.e. only when a customer places an order, we produce it - and we do it piece by piece and without minimum quantity on behalf of our partner. This way there are neither upfront costs nor storage costs and it is sustainable as well.

Benefit from the advantages of our local Print-on-demand production

Reshoring – Back to "Made in Germany"

Profit from high-quality, individualized merch products that are manufactured in Germany under fair production conditions and shipped to customers without long delivery times with a small ecological footprint.
Produktionsmitarbeiter hält bedrucktes T-Shirt in die Kamera

Rapid Prototyping

New products can be easily created with the Shirtigo Cockpit and immediately offered online in your store. Reduce the time for new product launches from months to minutes and react quickly to current trends.

No inventory

We produce your products on demand, i.e. directly after receipt of order and already from 1 piece. This saves you the costs of pre-production and warehousing. You can scale your business like never before and tie up no capital.


Leverage the personalization trend for your business and stand out from the competition: let your customers customize products and offer them a unique product and buying experience they will love.


For many customers it is a purchasing criterion, for us it is a decision of conscience: We manufacture the products piece by piece in our local Green Production Factory in Germany, thus avoiding overproduction, rejects and long transport routes.

Supply Chain Security

We offer you maximum security and favorable shipping conditions with our local production close to the customer and broad supply chain.  

Transparency through Industry 4.0

Thanks to our modern production system, you always have an overview and can track the status of each workpiece - from picking raw materials to shipping - in real time.

Make customers happy with high quality goods

Companies choose Shirtigo to offer high-quality merch products and rely on consistent high quality and fast delivery times.

Operational Excellence

Our customer service with personal contact person and in-house IT support helps you with all questions within the shortest possible time.

Printed in Germany

To deliver retail level quality , all products are printed with high care by our team and checked in a multi-step process. We work with the most modern printing machines on the market in our own production facility in Germany.

Short production time

Thanks to fully automated processes according to Industry 4.0 standards in our Smart Factory and high storage capacities, we produce 95% of all orders within 48 hours. If you need it really fast, we even offer 24h express production.

Your needs matters

gefaltetes weißes T-Shirt mit Schriftzug


Customized one-off and mass-produced products from Germany with the highest quality standards at retail level, focus on sustainability and fast production and delivery times. Thanks to Print-on-Demand you can expand your product range in minutes and without inventory.

Full Service Agencies

Unlimited merch collections for all your artists with limitless design and growth possibilities - created quickly and without inventory and ready to sell online immediately and available to all fans worldwide - thanks to Print-on-Demand.
Junger Mann trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt mit Aufdruck und schaut nach unten
Junge Frau mit Sonnenbrille trägt ein weißes T-Shirt mit Aufdruck

Online Brands & Merch

Offer personalized merchandise and fashion merchandise quickly and easily online and sell it without inventory - finished fairly and sustainably in Germany.
Laptop mit Screenshot eines T-Shirt-Onlineshop
Managed Shopify Store

We create and run your own professional merch store

Focus fully on your brand. We manage your merch store for you and take care of the entire process.

Print-on-Demand production of a wide range of merchandise including personalization.
Low-cost pre-production of top sellers and fulfillment via warehousing.
Operational running of your store including returns management, white label customer service and payment processing.

Print is our passion

We promise and deliver what other Print-on-Demand providers can't and are your fulfillment partner for the entire order fulfillment process.
Customized IT
Through our own & constantly evolving system, we can flexibly respond to all your individual requirements and wishes and implement them as quickly as possible.
Inhouse development
Based on our IT infrastructure and inhouse development, we consistently focus on the automation and data-driven optimization of all processes in order to offer you the best possible service.
Personal service
We want to know what's on your mind - our customer service with personal contact and inhouse IT support will be happy to help you with any questions in the shortest possible time.

Strengthen your brand image & have sustainable premium products printed in Germany.

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