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We take care of the rest and serve as your reliable Print-On-Demand supplier for print fulfillment & dropshipping in Europe - printed in Germany.
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What the Shirtigo Cockpit is about

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Outsource your merch production and save time and money. Focus on your customers and your brand.

We take care of all your orders automatically - from personalized printing to dropshipping in your name to your customers.

In your Cockpit dashboard, you always have a transparent view on the entire production process and a full overview of all orders, products and finances.
Druckoperatorin an Textildruckmaschine
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Lagerregale mit gestapelten T-Shirts
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Hoodie, Shirt, Poster und Tasse in Weiß mit Hund-Druckmotiv
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Just searching for a quick way to print shirts for yourself ?

On you can order printed textiles from 1 piece or in large quantities for your own - fast, cheap, uncomplicated!


Choose from a variety of high quality products

Our assortment is constantly expanding and includes 100+ print-on-demand products like T-shirts, hoodies and many more. Each product is printed with your design individually from 1 piece.
Bedrucktes T-Shirt in Weiß
Unisex T-Shirts
Bedrucktes Ladies-Shirt in Hellblau
Ladies T-Shirts
Bedruckter Hoodie in Schwarz
Bedrucktes Gymbag in Weiß
Fabric Bags
Bedruckte Trinkflasche und Tasse in Weiß
Handyhülle in Weiß und komplett bedruckt
Phone cases
Bedrucktes Poster und Leinwand
Bedruckte Kappe in Weiß
Bedruckter Babystrampler
Kids clothing
Bedruckte Jogging-Shorts in Weiß
Bedruckte Fußmatte
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All information about prices for products and international shipping can be found here.
How it works

Quick and Easy Print-on-Demand with Shirtigo

Start now and easily create unique products and sell them online in any system. The Shirtigo Cockpit is your fully automated virtual factory.
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01 Your Cockpit

Create your own products in the Shirtigo Cockpit and link your online store with a few clicks. Now you can transfer products and start selling.
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02 Your Shop

As soon as your customer orders a product in your online store, the order is automatically transferred to the Shirtigo Cockpit and our production.
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03 Your Customer

The order is now produced in our smart factory, branded and dropshipped in your name. We do not appear to your customer.

Hassle free Integration with your Shopsystem

You do not need any technical expertise to use our no-code solution and connect your Cockpit account to Shopify, Etsy, Amazon and many more shopsystems and marketplaces.

Once a connection is established, you can market your products and new orders are automatically transferred, printed and shipped to your customer. You have a fully digitized factory at your fingertips.

Logos der Shirtigo Cockpit Integrationen
Produktions-Mitarbeiter hält bedrucktes T-Shirt in die Kamera
Printed in Germany

In-house production in Germany

In order to provide your customers with a consistently high quality, all products are printed with great care and thoroughly checked by our team. We work with state-of-the-art printing machines (e.g. Kornit Atlas Max) according to the Industry 4.0 standard in our own production in Germany.

Printed in Germany for us means that the finishing of the products actually takes place at our site in Hürth near Cologne. It is not just the ready-packed shipments that are delivered to a German logistic center near the border. In this way, we enable short and sustainable delivery routes and ensure that production takes place under fair working conditions.
Happy Customer

Shirtigo – your reliable partner

Operational Excellence

We guarantee that your products will arrive to you or your customers as ordered. We are proud of our complaint rate of only 0.29%! And if something goes wrong, we listen to your feedback and provide fast and easily solutions.

First-class support

Our customer service and inhouse IT support usually reacts within hours. We also offer chat support for major customers and a personal account manager. We develop our all our IT systems inhouse.

Short production times

We produce 95% of all orders within 48 hours, thanks to automated production processes in our smart factory and high storage capacity. If you need it even faster, we can offer you our 24h express production.

Build your Brand

Your brand in the Spotlight

Sustainable Brand Building

We care about our environmental foodprint and attach great importance to resource-saving and sustainable production.

Green production with ecological printing processes
Piece-precise print-on-demand production
Fair wages and sustainable production in Germany
Wide range of organic textiles
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Weißer Turnbeutel und Hoodie bedrucktWeißes Paket mit gedrucktem Shirtigo-Logo

Branding Options

Showcase your brand with our wide range of branding features for products and shipping packages.

Dropshipping in your name
Neck Imprints, Hangtags, Labels
Package inserts
Logo on package and delivery note
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Lines of Code
Stock Products
Printed Textiles

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Shirtigo Cockpit offer?

With Shirtigo Cockpit, you can link store systems like Shopify and WooCommerce or online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy and Amazon with our print-on-demand platform and offer your designs for sale on print products. We take care of the storage, manufacturing, and fulfillment of your products. Because they're created on-demand, you only pay after you place an order. This means you don't have to pay upfront for storage and production costs.

In addition, you can place manual orders (one-click orders) independently of the store or marketplace integration. This is ideal for test prints, repeat orders or private purposes.

Note: If you only want to order single products or small quantities for yourself or groups, our platform is your solution. Because here you may also benefit from attractive quantity discounts for larger batches.

What do I need to use the Shirtigo Cockpit?

To create and use a Cockpit account you need a valid billing and shipping address, an email address and need to be able to us one of the offered payment methods. Your design should be of sufficiently high quality and in the appropriate file format.

What payment methods are available?

We offer the payment methods Wallet (credit account), credit card, prepayment and under certain conditions SEPA direct debit. The wallet is a credit account that where you can create a balance via bank transfer. For credit cards, please note that according to the European Directive, a 3D-Secure procedure is mandatory. If you choose to pay in advance via bank transfer, your order will go into production as soon as the amount due is received. We offer a SEPA direct debit for business customers with sufficient credit ratings.

Can I connect several stores and marketplaces with one account?

Yes, the Cockpit dashboard allows you to easily connect and manage multiple stores and marketplaces directly in the Shops section. This is particularly useful if a store is run alongside an online marketplace to create an additional sales channel. However, you can also connect several stores if necessary. However, you cannot connect one store with several accounts.

To the integration overview.

Is the use of the Cockpit free of charge?

The use of the Cockpit as well as the linking of a store or marketplace is completely free of charge. For orders (whether manually or via shop/marketplace) our corresponding product prices and costs for shipping & handling apply.

Furthermore, you can activate additional services such as branding features or express production for a fee. You can find these in the cockpit dashboard under the respective service.

What is Print-on-Demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) refers to business models in which pre-produced products are manufactured individually for each order. This means that a wide range of print designs can be offered for sale on a wide variety of products without generating up-front costs through pre-production and warehousing.

Based on POD offerings, such as the Shirtigo Cockpit, new business models are constantly developing in conjunction with dropshipping: online retailers can offer print products for sale in their stores, while a POD provider takes care of production and processing in the background.

In addition to the great variety in the product range, the option to personalize individual orders according to customer wishes is developing into a fast-growing market, which is only possible in the print sector thanks to innovative and digital POD solutions such as Shirtigo Cockpit.

For whom is the Shirtigo Cockpit suitable?

If you want to sell your designs on print products via Print-on-Demand in an online store or marketplace, Shirtigo Cockpit is the ideal solution. This can be for example prospective to established store or marketplace merchants, but also content creators who want to bring their merch to the community.

Shirtigo Cockpit allows users to create a POD product catalog for their first fashion store or influencer merch store and offer it in Shopify or other supported store systems. Even complex multi-channel business models on high-traffic marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and Ebay can be realized via dropshipping. The Shirtigo Cockpit grows with the demands of its users.

Of course, the Cockpit can also be used without external services. Its One-Click-Order or manual orders offer companies the possibility to equip their team members with shirts and mugs in the corporate design or to compile individual onboarding boxes.

Shirtigo is characterized by a fully integrated POD solution. All of our platforms are developed and operated under one roof, from the web designer to the digital printer. This allows us to ensure the necessary level of continuity in our product quality and delivery time, on which the success of our POD customers is largely built.

What print-on-demand services do you offer?

In Shirtigo Cockpit, online retailers can connect their store system or online marketplace to our POD platform to sell their designs on print products. It is also possible to place on-demand orders independently of sales. This is great for test prints.

For pure textile printing for single pieces, small quantities and large runs, is suitable. Here we offer attractive quantity discounts starting at >1 piece! For large bulk orders additional discounts are possible, when the screen printing process is used, which is especially profitable for large print runs.

Seedshirt is our full-service platform for crowdfunding campaigns and white-label online stores operated by Shirtigo. The exclusive and limited time campaigns are the ideal solution for content creators or for raising funds for charity. The easy to set up cloud stores are ideal for anyone who wants to start their shirt business without any prior technical knowledge and also wants to handle customer service and order processing completely through Shirtigo.

How long does the delivery take?

Note that the product will not be printed until the order is received. The printing and fulfillment of the product takes about 1-5 business days (Monday to Friday), on average 2 business days. After that the order will be shipped. Within Germany, the shipping time usually takes 1-2 business days (varies when shipping to other countries). In total, the delivery time is 2-7 business days.

More information about the delivery time.

Do I need any technical knowhow to use the Shirtigo Cockpit?

You don't need any previous knowledge to connect a store to the Shirtigo Cockpit, because it's easy and done in a few steps. The setup and design depend on the respective store system. Shopify, for example, is generally intuitive and very user- and beginner-friendly. WooCommerce, on the other hand, requires some technical know-how to make individual adjustments.

You can find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the store systems in the textile printing wiki.

Tip: If you are searching for a solution where you do not need to operate a business to sell shirts, checkout our platform Seedshirt. Here you can set up, design and operate a simple store without any technical knowledge or direct contact to the customers. You receive a configurable commission for every product sold.

Which printing method do you use?

For the printing of our textiles we use the direct to garment (DTG) digital textile print, which allows the simple and inexpensive finishing of single pieces on order (Print-on-Demand). If you would like to have your textiles finished using the screen printing process, you will find attractive offers on our platform, which allows screen printing starting from a certain quantity.

How is the print quality?

Our machine park in Hürth (Cologne area) uses the latest digital printing technology from Kornit, such as the Kornit Atlas Max. All DTG presses offer an extended color gamut (CMYK + RG) and can easily realize complex color gradients. The result is a high-resolution, detailed and full-color print with a first-class feel and high wash resistance.

Every print result goes through a careful quality check and is only shipped after approval.

Tip: DTG printing is ideal in combination with our organic textiles, which have excellent printing properties. In addition, they offer high-quality workmanship, modern cuts and a pleasant wearing comfort.

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With Shirtigo Cockpit you have the ideal print-fulfillment and print-on-demand tool to build your own brand and grow your dropshipping business in Europe and Germany. Start directly with the linking of your store. If you have any questions - contact our sales team to learn more.