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How print fulfillment works with Shirtigo

Fulfillment is a service that includes the entire processing of an order after the order has been received by us. In addition to printing the print products and dropshipping the order, this also includes, for example, finishing and labeling options for branding products and shipments. The Shirtigo Cockpit is your digital print factory and alows you to take advantage of our state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 processes highly automated print fulfillment.
Illustration: Person steht vor PC-Monitor mit Shopsystem-Abbildungen

01 Online shop / incoming order

A customer orders a product in your connected shop. The order is automatically sent to the Cockpit and our production.

02 Warehouse / product pick

The corresponding product or raw material for the order is selected in our warehouse and labeled with an individual QR-Code.

Illustration: Person steht im Lager und sucht T-Shirts aus Regal herausIllustration: Person steht vor DTG-Druckmaschine und bedruckt T-Shirts

03 DTG print

The raw material is printed with our state-of-the-art DTG printing machines from world market leader Kornit.

04 Finishing / branding

If required, branding features such as neck prints and woven labels are added to the printed textiles.

2 Personen bringen Branding-Features an T-Shirts anIllustration: Person prüft bedruckte T-Shirts auf Qualität

05 Quality control

The finished product is then carefully checked according to very strict quality criteria.

06 Order picking / order sorting

If the product passes our quality control, it is further commissioned for multi product orders or handed over directly to shipping if it is an order for a single item.

Illustration: 2 Personen sortieren Bestellungen in ein Regal einIllustration: 2 Personen verpacken T-Shirts für den Versand

07 Shipping / Labeling & add-ons

Once at the shipping station, additional branding features such as inserts are added. Finally, the order is packed and prepared for shipping.

08 Delivery to your customer

Our shipping partners deliver the order to the customer on your behalf, without us appearing as the producer.

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Illustration: Paketbote überbringt Paket an Kundin

Connect your shop to your virtual print factory

We offer links to your shop for the most common shop systems and marketplaces. Connect your shop to the Shirtigo Cockpit and transfer your already created products and tranfer received orders for fulfillment.

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Frequently asked questions

What is print fulfillment?

Print fulfillment is a combination of words that includes both the printing and the processing of a product. In German-speaking countries, this means the print-on-demand process including dropshipping.

What is the difference between print fulfillment and print-on-demand?

Strictly speaking, print-on-demand simply refers to the "print-on-demand" process. On the other hand, print fulfillment includes both the printing process and the subsequent handling and shipping.

However, both terms are often used interchangeably. In both cases, what is meant is the online sale of print products that an external POD provider produces and sends to the customer on behalf of the dealer.

What does print fulfillment include?

Print fulfillment includes the on-demand printing of products from a catalog, as well as the processing and shipping. The Processing or fulfillment consists of steps for the order picking, finishing & branding and quality control.

What are the benefits of print fulfillment?

Print fulfillment covers the entire supply chain from the ordering process to production and shipping. This eliminates all storage and pre-production costs for the retailer, including the needed facilities and machines. This allows merchants to concentrate entirely on their online shop and the marketing of their products.

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