Your print-on-demand and fulfillment API

The Shirtigo Cockpit is the universal fulfillment & dropshipping solution for print-on-demand. With our advanced API, self-designed products can be created and ordered and payed in just a few API calls.
Illustration der API zwischen Shirtigo Cockpit, Produktion und Versand

Boundless possibilities

Shirtigo Cockpit is your reliable partner for production, processing and shipping. We offer you an advanced API with a multitude of application possibilities.

Good integrability

Easy integration of the print fulfillment API into existing systems (in-house development, newsletter or store systems, apps or ERP systems).

Flexible application possibilities

Development of innovative apps & websites with your own customized products or product configurators based on the textile printing API.

Scale your business

Extend (mobile) apps with merchandise sales features to diversify or increase sales.

Always on the cutting edge

Instant product creation via our REST API means you can always react in real-time to current trends or events and integrate merchandise creation in your automated processed.

API Documentation

The Shirtigo Cockpit API:
One solution for everything

Develop innovative apps and websites based on our textile printing API. In our API documentation, we show you the many possibilities offered by our REST API. Our API clients are currently available in the programming languages Python, JavaScript and PHP.

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Be informed proactively about events and create automated workflows

With our webhooks, our system proactively sends information to an address defined by you as soon as a relevant event occurs. This happens in real time and allows you to react immediately to events.

Learn how it works

Receive real-time updates

No more constant checking. As soon as an order is created, updated or shipped, you will automatically receive a notification.

Create automated workflows

You can trigger automated workflows when certain events occur. For example, have an email with tracking data sent to the customer as soon as an order has been shipped.

Optimise your processes

With instant notification, you can make your processes faster and more efficient. No more waiting for updates, you can act immediately.

Learn how you can use webhooks

You can integrate webhooks directly into your existing system or combine them with services like Zapier to create simple "no-code" automations.

Learn more about the way it works

Order created

You will receive a notification as soon as a new order is placed in Shirtigo Cockpit.

Order updated

A notification is sent when an order has been changed, e.g. when it has been marked as paid or shipped. For example, you can immediately update your accounting system or inform your customers about the status of their order.

Product updated

You will be notified when changes have been made to a product. This allows you to manage your inventory in real time and always be up to date.

Order Clarifications

You will be informed about queries regarding your order, for example because the address data is incorrect or the print file cannot be processed. This allows you to take immediate action to resolve these problems.

Seamless Integration

Connecting your online store to our automated production process is possible with our free integrations for the following store systems, in addition to our print-on-demand API.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a REST API?

The term REST API is composed of REST (Representational State Transer) and API (Application Programming Interface). That means a web API allows certain interactions with the REST architecture.

An API generally serves as a programming interface or connection between a software system and another system. REST (or RESTful) refers to a collection of architectural constraints that allows multiple implementation paths.

What does REST API mean in Shirtigo Cockpit?

The API in Shirtigo Cockpit is a textile printing or print fulfillment API, which is the connection between our print-on-demand platform and a store system (Shopify etc.) or online marketplace (e.g. eBay). With the REST API, developers can integrate our textile printing API into other systems such as custom developments or apps, newsletters or stores.

What are the advantages of the REST API in the Shirtigo Cockpit?

Thanks to the easy integrability of our REST-API into existing systems, our REST-API offers flexible application possibilities. For example, you can develop your own innovative mobile apps and websites based on our API. The REST API enables you to develop customized solutions. We use the API as the basis for our own products and therefore maintain, plan and evaluate with great care.

Do I need programming skills to use the REST API?

Yes, the use and implementation of our REST API requires programming knowledge in any case and is therefore unsuitable for laymen. Currently we offer the solution in the programming languages Python, JavaScript and PHP. You can view our API documentation here.

Illustration der API zwischen Shirtigo Cockpit, Produktion und Versand

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