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Design high-quality embroidery products and sell them in your store or marketplace.

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Highest quality

We use only high quality yarns made from recycled polyester for our embroidery.

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You can design & offer your embroidery products for free. So you can test various designs, because you pay only when you order.

In house production

We produce in our in-house embroidery shop and ship directly to your customers upon request.
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Learn how it works

Give your products an especially noble look with embroidered designs - your customers will love them!

01 Design products

Upload your embroidery design to Shirtigo Cockpit and create your products in our designer. Follow our embroidery file guidelines.

02 Transfer products

Transfer your embroidery products to your online store or an online marketplace of your choice in just a few clicks using our store integrations.

03 Lean back

Once an order is received, we produce your order and ship directly to your customers on your behalf - you don't have to worry about anything else!

Choose from a wide range of products

Benefit from over 100+ high quality embroidery products - with a constantly expanding range.
Hellblaues gefaltetes Unisex T-Shirt auf blauem Hintergrund
Dunkleblaue Kappe auf hellblauem Hintergrund
Weiße Jogging Shorts auf grauem Hintergrund
Pants & Shorts
Junge Frau mit weißem Damen-T-Shirt
Ladies Shirts
Gefaltetes hellblaues Poloshirt auf weißem Hintergrund
Polo Shirts
Junge Frau mit schwarzem Kapuzenpullover
Weißes Kinder-T-Shirt auf grauem Hintergrund
Kids Shirts
Weiße gestrickte Wollmütze auf hellblauem Hintergrund
You can find all info on shipping and product prices here.

Professional preparation of your embroidery file

Damit deine Stickdatei verwendet werden kann, muss diese zunächst profesionell durch einen Stickexperten aufbereitet werden. Sobald eine Bestellung eingeht, wandeln wir deine Datei für die Produktion um. Die Umwandlungskosten werden einmalig und automatisch mit der ersten Bestellung verrechnet. Die Kosten der Stickdatei-Umwandlung betragen 7,50 €.

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More advantages of the Shirtigo Cockpit

We want you to be successful with your e-commerce business.
Your success is our success!
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Short delivery time
We produce within 1-5 working days and ship to Germany and worldwide.
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No risk - no upfront costs
No upfront costs, no fees, no storage costs, no minimum order quantity - zero risk!
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Advanced software
Through our own & constantly (further) developed system, we react flexibly to your needs.
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The orders will be produced under your name and can be shipped to your customers with you as the sender.
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Fantastic service
Our first-class customer service and in-house IT support will be happy to help you with any questions in German and English.
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Printed in Germany
Our sustainable & state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 production in Germany provides your customers with consistent high quality.

Frequently asked questions

What specifications must my embroidery file meet?

Currently there are 15 yarn colors available, of which you can use 6 colors per design. Please note the detailed information in our Helpcenter.

  • Maximum embroidery area: textiles 90 x 90mm, for caps 100 x 50mm, and for beanies 90 x 40mm.
  • Maximum motif size: Your design may be a maximum of 60cm². The maximum width or height depends on the aspect ratio and is determined automatically by the designer.
  • Minimum line thickness: The line thickness must be at least 1.5 mm (see below for more information).
  • Text size: The minimum height for lowercase letters is 6.4 mm and for 7.6 mm for uppercase letters. This corresponds to about 20-22pt font size.
  • Colors: Please use only monochrome areas/lines in your motif and avoid color gradients and mixed tones.
  • Shapes: Use only simple shapes and not photographic images, as they can not be embroidered
  • Void spaces: Your file should not contain any empty spaces, but form a closed area (exception: text).
  • Background: All colors in your graphic will be embroidered. If you do not want a background, it should be transparent

What is the cost of creating the embroidery file?

Compared to digital printing, your uploaded file cannot simply be printed, but must first be converted into an embroidery design. This step can not be fully automated and requires manual adjustments by an embroidery expert.

Once an order is received, we create the embroidery file for production based on your uploaded file. For the creation of the embroidery file there is a one-time charge of 7,50€ net per motif size and material (caps, hats, textiles). The costs will be charged automatically with the first order.

Can I convert an embroidery file myself?

Standalone embroidery file conversion is not possible because the file must be tailored to the requirements of our embroidery machines.

Can I have a sample of my embroidery design made?

Yes, we even recommend that you do this so that you can get a feel for how the design will actually look embroidered. Depending on what material the design is embroidered on, the result may be slightly different. If you are planning a bulk order with your design, you should always have a sample made in advance. Since the products are made to order, returns for non-satisfaction are excluded.

Samples are also great for product photos that you can use in your online store, so your customer can get an idea of the high quality of the stick before they buy.

Did you know that we offer discounted sample orders for samples of this type? You can find more information about the sample orders in the Helpcenter.

How long does it take to convert the embroidery file?

When the first order of embroidery product is received in your store, we do the conversion, which usually takes 2-3 working days. Therefore, the production time is extended by about 2-3 working days when the design is ordered for the first time.

Which types of embroidery do you offer?

Currently we offer a flat 2D stick. A 3D stick is already in planning.

Can I embroider an already created embroidery file in a different thread color?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you want to change the thread color of an already created design, you have to create a new embroidery file in the desired color.

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