Warehousing & Fulfillment Service for your online store

Store a variety of items with us and sell them in your store. We take care of the entire process and shipping to your customers.

Advantages Warehousing & Fulfillment

No own warehouse required
Storage of print and other products
High time and cost savings
Simple and fast handling
Variable costs without high fixed costs

Good reasons for warehousing

Use our service to outsource the entire order processing. This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on the expansion and marketing of your store assortment. If you also produce print-on-demand products at Shirtigo, you avoid partial deliveries and save shipping and handling costs.

What is warehousing?
How it works

Easy Warehousing & Fulfillment with Shirtigo

The Shirtigo Cockpit is not only your virtual factory for print-on-demand products, but also the fulfillment tool for your entire product portfolio. Fully focus on the expansion of your e-commerce business with one reliable partner for all your needs.
Paket- und Lupen-Icons
1. Check your products
We check your warehousing products for suitability in advance. Once confirmed we are ready to receive your products.
Icon Palette mit Paketen
2. Storage of your products
After receiving your delivery, we will sort and store them in our warehouse. Connect your webstore and offer your products.
Icons: Paketbote überreicht Kundin Paket
3. Shipment of your products
When we receive an order, we pack, brand the product and ship it to the end customer on your behalf.

Pre-produce top sellers in batches

Have your most popular print products pre-produced and stored in batches before peak periods (e.g. before Christmas). This ensures even faster delivery times, as we ship your products immediately after receiving your order. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Which products can I store?

In principle, almost any type of product can be stored with us. Examples of warehousing products are:
Top seller
Your most popular print products
Icon: Bleistift & Lineal
Office products
Pens, writing pads, etc.
Shirt- und Hoodie-Icon
Shirts, jackets, shirts, etc.
Icon: Kleiderbügel
Caps, scarves, lanyards
Icon: 2 Einkaufstüten
Backpacks, bags, laptop bags
Icon: Hangtag
Package inserts
Stickers, buttons, flyers, brochures
Icon: durchgestrichener Apfel
No perishable or dangerous items
Icon für Maße
No goods exceeding the dimensions of 40x40x30 cm
Icon: durchgestrichener Diamantring
No goods exceeding the value of 520€
Icon: durchgestrichene Flasche mit Medizin
No articles prohibited or regulated in Germany (e.g. medical products)

What does Warehousing & Fulfillment cost?

The cost of our service primarily consists of: monthly fees for warehousing all warehoused products, a flat fee per order (for warehoused products), and a pick & pack fee per item. Packing charges only apply if the merchandise must be shipped in a box (standard are shipping bags).

Monthly basic fee (incl. 0.5 m³ storage space)
20 €
Additional storage space / m³
25 €
Flat rate per order
1,22 €
Pick fee per item
0,38 €
Packing (cartons only)
0,55 €
All prices shown are net prices.
Zone 0 (DE)
4,15 €
Zone 1 (AT, BENELUX)
5,80 €
Zone 2 (CZ, DK, FR, IT, PL)
9,00 €
Zone 3 (Rest-EU)
11,50 € + 0,70 / kg
Zone 4a (CH)
4,50 € + 0,65 € / 100 g*
14 € + 0,70 / kg**
Zone 4b (Weltweit)
4,50 € + 0,65 € / 100 g*
27 € + 4 / kg**
All prices shown are net prices.
* up to 2 kg (insured up to max. 20 €)
** from 2 kg (insured up to max. 520 €)

Shipping cost for warehousing products

Shipping costs for warehousing products vary depending on the destination country.

Your advantages with the Shirtigo Cockpit

As your reliable Warehouse and Fulfillment service provider, we offer you a variety of benefits for handling your entire product portfolio.
Icon: Lagerhalle
Convenient outsourcing
We take care of your entire order fulfillment including packaging & shipping, allowing you more space for your business.
Icon: Lkw
Fast shipping
If we receive a warehousing order by 12pm, it will be shipped the same day - insured and trackable*.
Shirt- und Hoodie-Icon
Cheap combination orders
We ship print-on-demand and warehousing products cost-effectively in one order and avoid annoying partial deliveries.
Real-time inventory
Get a total overview of your inventory in the dashboard and follow the delivery status live at any time.
Icon: Durchgestrichenes Euro-Symbol
Attractive prices
Benefit from low warehouse and fulfillment fees and combined orders thanks to our fully automated processes.
Icon: Smiley
Fantastic support
Our reliable customer service and in-house IT support are available to assist you personally in English and German.

Easy integration with your store system

Create a connection to your new digital factory with just a few clicks. Orders can then be automatically transferred from your online store, printed and sent to your customers.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the warehousing process work?

In the first step, navigate to “Warehousing” in the cockpit and create your products. Once you are done and the product is approved, you are able to create an inbound shippment with an automatically created delivery receipt and send it to us for storage. Finally, you create the products in your store system with the SKUs from the cockpit. When the order is received, the goods are shipped to your customer - just like a print-on-demand product.

What does pre-production in batch mean?

If you have a design that sells particularly well, you can have us produce it in advance in batches and store the products. This enables cost advantage and also additional improvements of the fulfillment time, as the products do not have to be produced when the order is received, but can be shipped directly. Especially during peak periods such as the Christmas season, this approach can effectively shorten the delivery time.

Can I combine warehousing and POD products?

Of course your customers can order your print-on-demand and warehousing products together and have them delivered as part of a single fulfillment job. The shipping and handling costs for the fulfillment consists of the basic price for warehousing shipping + the price for shipping another POD product - for the respective destination country.

An example: Your customer orders a warehousing product and a T-shirt for shipping to Germany. There is a net charge of 4,15 € for the warehousing product and 1,00 € for the t-shirt (shipping costs for additional shirt). 4,15 € + 1,00 € = 5,15 € (net).

How does the warehousing service work with Shopify, for example?

After you have created the warehousing product in the Cockpit and successfully created an inbound delivery, you manually create a product in your Shopify store. Under "Inventory managed by" you select "Shirtigo Cockpit Fulfillment" (Shirtigo app must be installed). Finally, enter the WarehouseProductVariant SKU from the Cockpit dashboard under "SKU".

Note: Only products with "In stock" status will be considered when creating the order.

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