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Set your brand in the spotlight, and stand out of the competition with your individual branding. Create a lasting impression for your brand with customized products and shipments with our branding options.
Mit eigenem Branding versehene Produkte und Versandverpackung

Shipping branding measures

Complete your branding concept with package inserts, branded packaging, desired sender addresses and much more.
Lieferschein mit Your Brand Logo Weiße Versandverpackung mit Absender-Aufkleber Dreifach gefaltete Broschüre mit Your-Brand-Logo Weißes T-Shirt in durchsichtiger Poly-Einzelverpackung Weißes T-Shirt in plastikfreier Versandverpackung Weißer Karton mit Your-Brand-Logosticker

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Frequently asked questions

How can I activate the branding features in the dashboard?

Navigate to the Branding section in the Cockpit dashboard and select the channel (e.g. Shopify) for which you would like to set the branding options. You may change the settings the options in the tabs Under "Branding" in the dashboard, select the channel (e.g. Shopify) for which you want to activate the branding option.. You can find more information with videos here.

What do I have to consider for woven labels?

Woven labels are pre-produced and stored by us. Send us your label design in advance. A minimum quantity is required for pre-production, which we charge at a flat rate. Since the label is fully woven, the price does not depend on the number of colors. If an order is placed, the label will be sewn to the desired position with white or black thread. Info about measurements and costs can be found here.

How does the application of hangtags/tags work?

Send us your hangtags without cords and we will store them for you. We attach the hangtag to the size label of the corresponding textile, when we receive your order. We use one box to store each hangtag type, with dimensions of 20 x 40 x 10 cm. More info.

What should I know about neckprints?

For applying neckprints, we produce screenprint transfers in advance and store them for you. The minimum quantity for pre-production is 100 pieces. Please contact us in advance to receive a order template for the format and number of colors (max. 5). We prepare everything once we receive your filled out the template and the print file for the neckprint.

If an order is received, we use a heat-transfer press to apply the prints to the inside or outside of the textile.

How can I place my logo on the delivery bill and packaging?

Navigate to the branding section in the Cockpit dashboard, you may upload your individual logos under the "Delivery bill" and "Sticker" tabs. In the delivery bill, the logo appears in black and white in the upper right corner. You may also add a personal message to the delivery bill and specify whether our or your product name is used there.

Your logo will appear on the packaging in the form of a black and white sticker. Please note that grayscales are not possible.

Which package inserts (packins) can I deposit?

In principle, anything that measures a maximum of 15 x 20 cm and weighs less than 30 g can be used as a Pack-In. Also note that each type of insert is stored in a box that measures 20 x 40 x 10 cm. Stickers, flyers, business cards and patches are especially suitable. We add a maximum of 2 package inserts to each order. The storage is free of charge.

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