Onboarding boxes from 1 piece for new employees

Easily create a personalized welcome box for new employees to strengthen your employer branding and corporate brand visibility.

Discover a wide range of high-quality print products

Our product range consists of more than 50 print products and is continuously being expanded. Choose the right T-shirts, hoodies, mugs or bags and have them printed with your corporate design.
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Benefits of the onboarding box with print-on-demand

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One-off production
Order single pieces as needed and avoid upfront investment for minimum quantities and any wasted overproduction.
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Low investment costs
Single-piece production keeps investment costs low, benefiting especially smaller companies with low budgets.
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Flexible corporate fashion
Order corporate fashion like shirts and hoodies flexibly in your employee's desired size.
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Easy personalization
Customize print products such as textiles, mugs, etc. with your employee's name and give them a personal touch.
Icon: Lagerhalle
Fulfillment services
Thanks to fulfillment services, you can have inserts such as pens shipped in, which we add as needed.
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Branding features
Give your branding concept a special touch with our wide range of branding features on textiles and packaging.

What is an onboarding box?

An onboarding box is a welcome package that companies give to new employees as an onboarding gift. Usually, the boxes are designed in the corporate design and contain office supplies, promotional materials and small snacks. The boxes have a positive impact on the onboarding experience as well as on employer branding and corporate brand awareness.

In addition to classic onboarding boxes, onboarding bags such as shopping bags or gymbags are also used as an alternative, which feature the company logo. Since print-on-demand means production on demand, the process is ideal for ordering individual items, among other things.

More info in the Wiki
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How it works

Putting together an onboarding box for employer branding

You can easily put together your own onboarding box. You can find detailed instructions in the Help Center.
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1. Select products

Place a new order and select the products you want to add to the box. Add a shopping bag or gymbag as an onboarding bag if needed.
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2. Upload design

Upload a file and add your desired design (company logo, slogan, tagline, etc.) to each product. Add branding features if needed.
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3. Place an order

Place your order with your desired content. The products will now be produced by us and shipped to your desired address.

Deliver your own packaging or have it produced

If you wish, you can have your printed onboarding box delivered to us or (coming soon:) produced. Please contact us, if you have any questions.
Gefaltetes T-Shirt auf einem Tisch mit Unternehmens-Logo
Corporate Fashion

Strengthen employee loyalty with stylish team merchandise

Design exclusive team merchandise for your employees and turn them into brand ambassadors of your corporate brand. This underpins not only brand awareness, but also team identification and employee loyalty.

Because it's easy and cost-effective to customize - whether in terms of size or personalization - our on-demand process is particularly suited to startup merchandise for emerging small businesses. But larger companies can also benefit from the flexible handling and cost savings.

Branding features

Corporate Fashion: Textiles & Packaging with your brand

Our branding features on textiles let you apply your corporate brand at various positions and helps you effectively increase your brand awareness. As part of our fulfillment service, you can simply have your own inserts, such as pens or flyers, delivered to us, which we add to each onboarding bag.

Various textile finishes, e.g. woven labels & imprints
Your own package inserts, e.g. ballpoint pens, small snacks, etc.
And much more

Further services

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of onboarding boxes with print-on-demand?

The particular advantage lies in the simple, flexible and inexpensive production of individual and personalized one-off items. While minimum order quantities are usually required for this, you can order individual boxes as needed via print-on-demand. For example, when a new employee starts, you can order a matching shirt and hoodie in his or her size with his or her name and job title, and have the same print on a mug or cloth bag as well.

This way you avoid unnecessary waste and show appreciation to your new employee through his personalized onboarding experience.

How do I put together an onboarding box?

The first step is to create a free Cockpit account. The cockpit dashboard allows you to design your individual products or products with name placeholders. After that you may define additional branding options for the product and packaging. Once the product design is finished you may add it to your cart with the appropriate size and color. Finally, place a bulk order.

How can I add my own branding features?

To make your corporate branding more prominent, you can add branding features as part of our fulfillment services. For example, you can customize the box with inserts such as office supplies in the corporate design or textiles with attractive woven labels, neckprints or hangtags. Navigate to the branding section in the dashboard and apply your settings in the individual tabs.

Note: For some features, prior consultation with our support is required (see dashboard).

Can I also create my own onboarding box?

If required, you can send us your printed onboarding box, in which we will place the print products and any inserts once a order from you is received. We will then send the box to the desired address. We are already planning the production or printing of boxes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Create individual onboarding kits & welcome employees

It's never been easier to put together onboarding boxes with no minimum quantity and high-quality corporate fashion. Take advantage of the Shirtigo Cockpit and make an unforgettable first impression on new employees and strengthen your employer branding. Feel free to contact our sales department if you have any questions.