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Turn your customers into loyal fans of your brand and save time and money with our all-in-one returns management solution.
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Increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Complicated return policies quickly lead to frustration and shopping cart abandonment. Instead, offer your customers a shopping experience they'll love with transparent returns processes.

Manage your business digitally

Our returns management helps you make the most of returned products. With the Return Pro subscription, you can store returned products on request and reship them at a later date - a plus for your resource efficiency and your budget.

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Save the Environment and your wallet

Whether it's a warehouse or print-on-demand product, with our Returns Pro package you can simply store returned orders in our warehouse. If the product is ordered again, we will ship it directly from our warehouse.

Increase your profitability

According to, the average processing costs for returns are up to €17.70. With our all-in-one returns solution, you can offer your customers a smooth process and save money.

Reduce your costs

By automating the returns process, you can reduce your costs by up to 90%.

More turnover

Offer your customers an exchange instead of a full return and keep up to 30% more of your sales.

Fewer customer queries

With a transparent returns process, you can reduce customer queries by up to 70%.

Increase conversion rate

Transparent return conditions reduce uncertainty in the purchase process and can thus increase the conversion rate.
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Your personalised returns portal

Our user-friendly whitelabel returns portal makes returns a breeze thanks to automated processes.

Offer your customers a rounded and consistent brand experience

Customise the branding and features of the returns portal to meet your brand's unique needs.

Allow your customers to easily register returns online and generate their return label with just one click. If you want, you can even automate the entire exchange process, including redelivery.

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How it works

The Shirtigo Cockpit Returns Management

The Shirtigo Cockpit returns management is your efficient tool for an easy and digital handling of customer returns.
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01 Incoming returns

Your shipment will be returned to our address, we will accept the return on your behalf.

02 Choose a solution

Choose if you want us to resend your shipment or if you want the shipment to be recycled (e.g. for upcycling or charitable purposes).

03 Lean back!

We take care of the reshipment or storage of your goods. As soon as a new order is received, the stored goods are shipped first - this saves money and protects the environment.

Learn how it works

Choose the right option for your needs

Return Free

0 €

Always free
Shirtigo as return address
Choice between reshipment and recovery
Returns acceptance with costs*
Return Pro

12 €

/ month
for monthly billing
Book now
Our address as return address
Choice between reshipment and recovery
Free returns acceptance
Content control for storage*
Storage of returns*
Customisable returns portal (coming soon)

Warehousing Prices

Prices for storage

Content control
1,22 € / return
Handling per product
0,38 € / item

Prices for reshipment

Flat rate per order
1,22 € / order
Pick fee per item
0,38 € / item


Your customer orders 2 items from your shop that you have stored with us as returns. Then you pay a total of 1.98€ for processing and stock removal (1.22€ basic price per order + 2 x 0.38€ for the two items).
*Services subject to surcharge. For all prices see our full Price list.
Prices shown are net prices excluding VAT.

Frequently asked questions

What is a return?

A return refers to the return of goods by the customer to the seller. In a print-on-demand business, such as with Shirtigo Cockpit, there can be various reasons why a customer returns a product. Effective management of these returns is critical to customer satisfaction and business profitability.

What reasons can lead to a return?

There are various reasons why customers in a print-on-demand business may initiate returns. These include dissatisfaction with the product, the wrong size or color, damage to the goods, or a change of purchase decision. In some cases, a return can also be caused by the delivery address being incorrect or refusal to accept the delivery.

  • Incorrect product description or product images
  • The customer has changed his mind
  • Shipping problems, such as late delivery
  • The customer has ordered the wrong product, size or colour

What is the returns management of Shirtigo Cockpit?

Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management is a digital service that helps you efficiently manage returns in your print-on-demand business. With our system you can increase customer satisfaction, improve profitability and make the whole process more sustainable.

How much does Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management cost?

Shirtigo Cockpit offers two price levels for its returns management. "Return Free, our basic level, is completely free. It includes basic features such as using our address as the return address and the choice between resending and recycling the returns. Our premium package, "Return Pro", costs 12€ per month with annual billing. With this package you get advanced features including free returns acceptance, content check on storage and a customisable returns portal.

What is the difference between the Return Free and the Return Pro package?

The "Return Free" and "Return Pro" packages differ primarily in the functions and services available. "Return Free", the free package, offers basic functions for returns management. Your customers send the returns to our address and you have the choice between resending and recycling the returns. For a price of 12€ per month, "Return Pro" offers much more advanced features. These include the free acceptance of returns and a content check when storing the returned products. Another advantage is the possibility to use a customisable returns portal. This can be perfectly adapted to your brand image and thus contributes to a uniform and professional appearance of your company.

How can Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management improve my print-on-demand business?

Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management can improve your print-on-demand business by increasing the efficiency of your returns process and allowing you to manage your business completely digitally. It minimises the need for manual work when processing returns, which in turn saves time and money.

What are the advantages of the Shirtigo Cockpit returns management?

The Shirtigo Cockpit returns management offers numerous advantages:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through transparent and simple returns processes
  • Cost reduction through automation of returns processes
  • Efficient use of resources through digital returns management
  • Increase profitability by reducing the average process costs for returns
  • Improve sustainability through storage and reshipment of returned orders

How do I activate the advanced returns management of Shirtigo Cockpit?

By default, the free returns management ("Return Free") is active in your Shirtigo Cockpit. However, if you would like to use the additional functions of "Return Pro", you can activate this in the account settings. This will open up a range of additional functions, such as free returns acceptance, content control during storage and a customisable returns portal. By activating Return Pro, you can optimise your returns management even further and adapt it to your individual needs.

How sustainable is Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management?

Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management is designed to be sustainable. It encourages companies to store returned orders in their warehouse and ship them with new orders instead of disposing of them. This saves resources and reduces waste.

How does Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management help with the management of returns?

Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management facilitates the management of returns by providing automated processes and a user-friendly, branded returns portal. It enables customers to manage their returns independently, minimising the effort for businesses.

How does effective returns management affect customer satisfaction?

Effective returns management can significantly improve customer satisfaction. A transparent and simple returns process increases customers' trust in the brand and improves their shopping experience. It can also help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase customer loyalty.

How can Shirtigo Cockpit's returns management solutions help you increase your sales?

By offering your customers improvements instead of a full exchange, you can keep up to 30% more of your sales. In addition, a transparent returns process can help reduce customer queries by up to 70%, leaving you more time for other aspects of your business. Furthermore, transparent return policies can help increase conversion rates, which leads to more sales.

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