Offer personalization of merch in your store

Turn your online store into a mass customization playground and enable your customers to personalize your print products via print-on-demand.

Advantages of personalization with print-on-demand

Bring mass customization to the next level with our personalization feature and let your customers apply their own wishes on your shirts or other print products.
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Offer extension

Add an attractive feature to your portfolio and meet the growing demand for product personalization.
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Design space for customers

Offer your customers exclusive design options and let them create personalized gifts.
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Competitive advantage

Stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive edge with your personalizable products.
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Improve customer experience

Increase customer interactions, engagement, and loyalty with with personalized products.

What is a product personalization?

Product personalization (or mass customization) is a growing trend that allows end customers to customize a product in the order process. The personalized product typically consists of a template design where, e.g. a name or greeting can be added according to the customers needs, or as part of “design your own product” concepts where the complete design is delivered by the end customer.

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This is how it works

How does personalization work in the Cockpit?

The personalization happens in just a few steps in the Cockpit dashboard. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions in the help center.
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1. Create product

Create a product with a dummy design and activate the personalization option.
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2. Upload design for order

Select the personalized design and adjust size and position if necessary for each order.
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3. Release order

Finally, release the order for production and your order is fulfilled on demand.

Application examples

The use cases for our personalization function are versatile. Whether it’s the addition of a name, initials or a complete picture - the design space is up to you.
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Personalized gifts

Let your customers personalize their gifts for birthdays, anniversary or Christmas, Eastern and the like. Let your products be part of a gift to remember!

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Customized team shirts

Offer customers, clubs or groups high quality team shirts with their logo and additional personalization with the members name and team number.

T-Shirt mit Konfetti und Party-Accessoires

Bachelor parties

With the personalization feature, bachelors get matching custom shirts that become special eye-catchers.

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Individual employer branding

Easy personalization of corporate fashion e.g. in onboarding boxes to strengthen employer branding.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a personalization function?

Product personalization is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, because it enables them to purchase relatable products and allows them to express their identity as part of their shirt, doormat other products. Print-on-demand is free of any set-up costs and allows to perform per piece personalization with digital tools like the Cockpit. This new advantage allows you to add real value for your customers without adding additional costs in the production process. Theis feature can be a ke factor to differentiate your business and is particularly advantageous in marketplaces with a high level of competition.

How does personalization work with print-on-demand?

Products for personalization give your customers the possibility to individualize your designs according to their wishes. The personalization function can be activated in the Shirtigo Cockpit for each product during the creation and allows to offer products with a basic design in your store. After receiving the order, your customer sends you the desired customization, e.g. a desired name. You work this into the basic design and upload the updated version for your order in the Cockpit. After everything is set up to your wishes you release the order for production.

Is personalization possible with any store system?

You can activate the personalization function with any Cockpit integration, whether Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or PrestaShop. Likewise, customization works with the online marketplaces eBay and Etsy.

Can customers create their own designs in my store?

Within Shopify stores it is possible to use the app Zakeke to offer your customers personalization on their own. Through the app, a designer is displayed in your store, where your customers can, for example, change the font color, size and shape, or even upload their own images. A detailed tutorial with pictures and video can be found in our help center.

Offer personalization now

Expand your POD business with mass customization

The Shirtigo Cockpit offers you first class print fulfillment for your online business. Turn your store (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware) into a mass customization playground and stand out from the competition. If you have any questions, our sales team will be happy to assist you.