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Junge Frau mit weißem Hoodie und personalisiertem Rückendruck schaut über die SchulterHand hält Stofftasche mit personalisiertem AufdruckZwei übereinandergestapelte weiße Emaille-Tassen mit personalisiertem Comic-Aufdruck

This is how personalization works

Use the Shirtigo Cockpit to quickly and easily sell personalized print-on-demand products.

01 Your Shop

A customer orders a product with a personalized design in your store. Then you transfer the order manually or automatically to your Shirtigo Cockpit account.

02 Change Design

The order with the personalized Design initially receives the status "on hold". So you have the possibility to exchange the basic design with the personalized print file. For the exchange process you have the choice of 3 options (see below).

03 Release Order

After the print file with the personalized design has been exchanged, the order only needs to be released for production. This can be done both manually and automatically.

Learn how to create personalized products

In our Helpcenter article you will find detailed instructions on how to create personalized products in Shirtigo Cockpit.

3 options for replacing the print file

Whether you are a beginner or a professional with thousands of sales: we have the right solution for your needs.
Shirtigo Cockpit Bestellübersicht mit personalisiertem T-Shirt und Aufdruck "Dein Name"
Option 1

Manual exchange

This option is very beginner-friendly, but requires manual handling for each order. Accordingly, it is particularly suitable for beginners with few sales.

Particuarly beginner friendly
Suitable for few to medium sales
Manual handling

1. transfer product

Transfer the personalized order to the cockpit.

2. upload design

Replace the basic print file with the personalized design.

3. approve order

Release the order for production.
Option 2

Exchange via CSV (partially automated)

To manage larger order quantities, you can also easily manage the exchange of personalized print files via CSV file.

Convenient bulk exchange
Suitable for little to many sales
No programming skills required
Laptop mit Shirtigo Cockpit Bestellübersicht und CSV-Datei Icons

1. Fill out CSV template

Fill out CSV template.

2. Upload files

Upload personalized files in the public web space.

3. Start import

Upload CSV template and start import.
Illustration der API zwischen Shirtigo Cockpit, Produktion und Versand
Option 3

Exchange via API (fully automated)

The most efficient option is to fully automate the process using our flexible API. However, this requires certain programming skills. You can find the corresponding endpoints in our API documentation.

Fully automated workflow
Suitable for few to many sales
Well documented API endpoints

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a personalization function?

Product personalization is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, because it enables them to purchase relatable products and allows them to express their identity as part of their shirt, doormat other products. Print-on-demand is free of any set-up costs and allows to perform per piece personalization with digital tools like the Cockpit. This new advantage allows you to add real value for your customers without adding additional costs in the production process. Theis feature can be a ke factor to differentiate your business and is particularly advantageous in marketplaces with a high level of competition.

Is personalization possible with any store system?

You can activate the personalization function with any Cockpit integration, whether Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or PrestaShop. Likewise, customization works with the online marketplaces eBay and Etsy.

Can customers create their own designs in my store?

Within Shopify stores it is possible to use the app Zakeke to offer your customers personalization on their own. Through the app, a designer is displayed in your store, where your customers can, for example, change the font color, size and shape, or even upload their own images. A detailed tutorial with pictures and video can be found in our help center.

Offer personalization now

Expand your POD business with mass customization

The Shirtigo Cockpit offers you first class print fulfillment for your online business. Turn your store (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware) into a mass customization playground and stand out from the competition. If you have any questions, our sales team will be happy to assist you.