Sell your own products with Shopware

Create your own print-on-demand products with Shirtigo Cockpit and sell them in your Shopware store. We take care of production, packaging and shipping via dropshipping.
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Shopware: Strong store system made in Germany

Shopware is a German open source solution and is one of the leading store systems in Germany. This success is based on sophisticated and efficient options for the store management and a large community with free plugins, making the store system a particularly popular choice among medium-sized businesses. Learn more about Shopware.

Free Starter Edition
Individual design options
Technical know-how recommended
High legal security in D-A-CH
Create an important competitive advantage and have your orders produced within 24 hours. More info
How it works

Simple connection of your Shopware store

To sell your own designs in your Shopware store, you only have to connect your store with the Shirtigo Cockpit. The integration is very easy and can be done in just a few steps.
Shopware Integration wird mit dem Shirtigo Produktionssystem verknüpft

01 Connect Shirtigo Cockpit with Shopware

Create a free account and connect your Shopware store with our system in the dashboard of the Cockpit.

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02 Create products

Upload your designs and create a new print-on-demand product. Decide in which variants you want to offer your designs.

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Illustration: Shirt-Design wird am PC erstellt und an den Shop übertragenIllustration: Shirt-Design wird am PC erstellt und an den Shop übertragen

03 Synchronize products

Import the products into your Shopware store. As soon as a customer places an order, you can transfer it to the Cockpit. The products will now be produced in our print shop and dropshipped on your behalf.

Reliable POD partner for Shopware

With Shirtigo Cockpit you will find a reliable print-on-demand provider for your Shopware store! We are responsible for the production, handling and shipping of your print products like shirts, hoodies, posters or mugs. So you can fully dedicate yourself to your business!
Lines of code
Stock products
Printed textiles

Choose from a wide range of high quality products

Our assortment is constantly expanding and includes 50+ POD products like T-shirts or hoodies. Each product is custom printed with your design.
Bedrucktes T-Shirt in Weiß
Unisex T-shirts
Bedrucktes Ladies-Shirt in Hellblau
Ladies T-shirts
Bedruckter Hoodie in Schwarz
Bedrucktes Gymbag in Weiß
Bedruckte Trinkflasche und Tasse in Weiß
Handyhülle in Weiß und komplett bedruckt
Phone cases
Bedrucktes Poster und Leinwand
Wall art
Bedruckte Kappe in Weiß
Bedruckter Babystrampler
Bedruckte Jogging-Shorts in Weiß
Bedruckte Fußmatte
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You can find all info about shipping and product prices here.

Shirtigo – Ahead of the Print

Build your own brand and grow your e-commerce business. The Cockpit is your ideal solution for dropshipping, fulfillment & print-on-demand.
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Short delivery times
Production within 1-5 business days to Germany and worldwide.
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No risk - no upfront costs
No upfront costs, no fees, no storage costs, no minimum order quantity - zero risk!
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Advanced Software
We develop our systems in-house, which allows us to react flexibly to our customers needs.
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Production and shipping of all orders to your customers in your name.
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Fantastic service
Our first-class customer service and in-house IT support will be happy to help you with any questions in German and English.
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Printed in Germany
Our sustainable & state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 production in Germany provides your customers with consistently high quality.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of Shopware with print-on-demand?

Shopware is a browser-based open source software and is known as easy to handle and maintain. A large range of functions offers numerous possibilities for individualization of your storefront and your internal workflows. Shopware was developed in Germany and offers all features to achieve a high level of legal security in German-speaking countries. In addition, the store system offers a paid customere support in addition to a large community.

What do I need to consider when setting up Shopware in the Cockpit?

First, you create a new user in Shopware with API access rights. Now you upload the Cockpit plugin and install it in the plugins section of shopware. After successful installation you will find the plugin in the plugin list, which you can configure via the pencil icon. Now you can connect Shopware with the Cockpit by entering the mail address and password of your Cockpit account as well as a new user name in shopify.

How do I add Cockpit products to Shopware?

The synchronization of your Cockpit products with Shopware is simple. Once your store is connected to the Cockpit and a product is created, navigate to "Products". Your product is listed under the tab product groups and/or individual products. You may now click on the arrow symbol in the actions section listed for each product to tranfer your products to your Shopware store.

How do I transfer orders from Shopware?

There are two ways to transfer Shopware orders to Cockpit. Usually the transfer is triggered when the payment status changes to "fully paid" in shopify.

If the transfer does not work, which rarely happens, you can import all open orders of the last 4 weeks in the Cockpit. Navigate to the Store section in the Cockpit dashboard and click on the cloud icon to the right of your Shopware store listing to import all open orders. Prerequisite for this is that in Shopware the order status is open and payment status is "fully" paid.

Start now with Shopware

Print-on-demand and dropshipping for Shopware

With Shirtigo Cockpit you have the ideal dropshipping, print fulfillment and print-on-demand tool for your Shopware store to grow your online business. Contact our sales team to learn more.