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Create customizable print-on-demand products like T-shirts & sell them risk-free in your own online store. We'll take care of the rest.

Print-on-demand for e-commerce, merch & business

We print your products on demand from 1 piece and ship them in your name via dropshipping to your customers. The Shirtigo Cockpit is suitable for ...
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Use branded merchandise like shirts, hoodies and mugs to turn your team members and customers into brand ambassadors and create a "we" feeling.

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Online stores

Start your e-commerce business and sell your own print-on-demand products through your online store. Create additional revenue with an expansion of your product portfolio with customizable items.

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Content creator

A full set of merch products for your twitch stream or youtube channel helps yout to build a strong bond with your community and accelerate your channel growth and can be a pillar of your financing concept.

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Clubs & Groups

Strengthen the sense of community in your club or group with custom team shirts. Let your supporters express their dedication to the team in their daily life.

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What exactly does print-on-demand and dropshipping mean?

Print-on-demand (POD) describes a business model in which products are printed piece-by-piece only after an order is received, and with no minimum quantity. This means that online retailers are not exposed to any financial risk, as no stock has to be purchased in advance and the production only covers the current demand.

Dropshipping providers for POD offer the full handling and shipping to the customer, in addition to the printing of the products. The retailer has no physical contact with the goods.

Learn more in the Wiki

What are the advantages of print-on-demand and dropshipping?

Thanks to print-on-demand, you don't need any stock, because only what you actually sell is produced. There is no financial risk for you. Compared to traditional retail, you save on all set-up costs, whether for textile stocks, printing presses or warehouses. This allows you to rapidly test new products and ideas in the market.

One-off production
No financial risk
No set-up costs
Low cost product testing
Any number of reprints
No excess production (sustainable)
How it works

Your steps to a successful print-on-demand business

With Shirtigo Cockpit you can design T-shirts, hoodies, posters and much more, import them into your store and sell them directly online. All you need to start selling are your own designs and an easy to setup link between Shirtigo Cockpit and your store system.
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01 Link store

Link your store system or marketplace (Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy and more) to our POD platform easily & for free.

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02 Create and synchronize products

Choose from a variety of custom print-on-demand products - from t-shirts to posters. Customize them in our web designer and add them to your store with just one click.

Discover our Print-Manager
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03 Market your products

Start selling and collect your profit. We automatically take care of production and shipping on your behalf. Shape your brand with multiple branding features.

Discover branding features
Lines of code
Stock products
Printed textiles

Choose from a wide range of high quality products

Our assortment is constantly expanding and includes 100+ POD products like T-shirts or hoodies. Each product is custom printed with your design.
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Unisex T-shirts
Bedrucktes Ladies-Shirt in Hellblau
Ladies T-shirts
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Bedruckte Trinkflasche und Tasse in Weiß
Handyhülle in Weiß und komplett bedruckt
Phone cases
Bedrucktes Poster und Leinwand
Wall art
Bedruckte Kappe in Weiß
Bedruckter Babystrampler
Bedruckte Jogging-Shorts in Weiß
Bedruckte Fußmatte
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You can find all info about shipping and product prices here.

Seamless store integration

Connecting your online store to our fully automated production process is simple and intuitive. We offer easy-to-install plugins for the most popular store systems and marketplaces. You get even more flexibility with our REST API.

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More advantages of the Shirtigo Cockpit

We want you to be successful with your e-commerce business. Your success is our success too!
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Short delivery times
We produce within 1-5 business days and ship worldwide with special rates for Germany.
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No risk - no upfront costs
No upfront costs, no fees, no storage costs, no minimum order quantity - zero risk!
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Advanced Software
We develop our systems inhouse, which allows us to react flexibly to our customers needs.
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Orders are produced under your name and can be shipped to your customers with you as the sender.
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Fantastic service
Our first-class customer service and inhouse IT support will be happy to assist you.
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Printed in Germany
Our sustainable & state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 production in Germany provides consistently high quality.

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Frequently asked questions

Is print-on-demand dropshipping?

Stricly speaking no, because both words describe two different processes. Dropshipping refers to the general process of a manufacturer shipping the product to the end customer on behalf of the retailer without being disclosed to the customer. Print-on-demand is basically the process of printing a product on demand.

However, when people talk about print-on-demand these days, they are referring to both processes. In other words, the retailer offers a print product in his online store, while the POD service provider prints it when an order is received and ships it directly to the buyer on his behalf.

How does print-on-demand work?

Print-on-demand is an online business model in the textile printing sector. A retailer offers T-shirts and other print products with individual designs for sale in their online store or marketplaces, while an external service provider takes care of the printing, processing and shipping to the customer when an order is received.

Why print-on-demand?

We produce on-demand firstly because entrepreneurs save considerable costs for storage, production and handling. This eliminates the need for substantial up-front investments.

Secondly, print-on-demand is a sustainable solution to traditional retail concepts where enormous CO2 emissions are wasted due to unnecessary overproduction.

In addition, POD offers the online retailer more flexibility to test more products in parallel without additional costs. We support the retailer with our platform and automated processes.

What is a POD store?

POD is the abbreviation for print-on-demand. A POD store is an online store that offers print products for sale that are printed or produced when an order is received.

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With Shirtigo Cockpit you have the ideal print-fulfillment and print-on-demand tool at hand to build up your own brand without risks and be able to grow your dropshipping business in Germany and Europe. Start directly with the linking of your store. If you have any questions - contact our sales team to learn more.