Conquer the fashion world with microbranding & print-on-demand

Print-on-demand gives you the opportunity to easily build your own fashion label without large investments in inventory and compete with the big brands.
Verpackungsbox und T-Shirt mit jeweiligem "Your Brand"-Aufdruck
T-Shirt und "Your Brand"-Hangtag

What is a microbrand?

A microbrand is the brand of a company that targets its products to specific niche markets. Sales are made directly through digital channels without intermediaries. Microbrands are often highly cost efficient and leverage their online marketing expertise to focus their marketing to their specific target audience. Microbrands are characterized by high flexibility and a first-mover mentality. The direct connection to their customers is often established through innovative marketing strategies and product developments. .

The concept of microbrands sparks products that express the customers lifestyle and believes and is a rapidly growing sector in the apparel and home décor industries.

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What are the advantages of microbranding in conjunction with POD?

Print-on-demand is an ideal way to realize micro branding concepts. Digital Services like Shirtigo Cockpit allow merchants to digitally create and offer thousands of products in different colors and sizes without any physical pre-production. This gives microbrands the needed room to experiment with products and designs to find the best way to reach their targeted audience and generate revenue through long tail conversions.

The combination of our broad base product catalog, together with our wide range of branding features, makes the Cockpit the ideal solution to create and market stylishly individualized designed textiles.

Production of single orders on-demand
No financial risk
No upfront costs or fees
Low cost product testing
Versatile textile and packaging branding
No surplus production

Microbrands for designers, small businesses & co.

Take advantage of print-on-demand together with our various branding options and showcase your microbrand in a targeted way.
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Designers & Creatives

Start your own small fashion label, give you products a special touch with stylish textile and packaging branding options to build your brand step by step.
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Content creator

Increase your brand awareness with microbranding and bring your microbrand merchandise to your fan base. At the same time you give them something back and make them ambassadors of your brand.
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Microbrands can be started without any Costs to set-up your business. Use e-commerce strengths and micromarketing strategies to generate more sales.
Branding Features

Platziere deine Microbrand stilvoll auf Textilen & Verpackung

With our branding options you increase the visibility of your niche brand and round off your brand concept.

Multiple textile finishes, e.g. woven labels & imprints
Logo on delivery bill & shipping packaging
Own package inserts
And much more

Choose from a wide range of high quality products

Our assortment is constantly expanding and includes 50+ POD products like T-shirts or hoodies. Each product is custom printed with your design.
Bedrucktes T-Shirt in Weiß
Unisex T-shirts
Bedrucktes Ladies-Shirt in Hellblau
Damen T-shirts
Bedruckter Hoodie in Schwarz
Bedrucktes Gymbag in Weiß
Bedruckte Trinkflasche und Tasse in Weiß
Handyhülle in Weiß und komplett bedruckt
Phone cases
Bedrucktes Poster und Leinwand
Wall art
Bedruckte Kappe in Weiß
Bedruckter Babystrampler
Bedruckte Jogging-Shorts in Weiß
Bedruckte Fußmatte
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More advantages of the Shirtigo Cockpit

We want you to be successful with your e-commerce business.
Your success is our success too!
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Short delivery times
We produce within 1-5 business days and ship to Germany and worldwide.
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No risk - no upfront costs
No upfront costs, no fees, no storage costs, no minimum order quantity - zero risk!
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Advanced Software
We develop our systems in-house, which allows us to react flexibly to our customers needs.
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The orders are produced under your name and can be shipped to your customers with you as sender.
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Fantastic service
Our first-class customer service and in-house IT support will be happy to help you with any questions in German and English.
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Printed in Germany
Our sustainable & state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 production in Germany provides your customers with consistently high quality.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is microbranding with print-on-demand suitable for?

Microbranding in combination with print-on-demand is suitable for those who want to build their own brand with print products. It is an ideal solution for aspiring designers and creatives who want to start their own fashion label. It is also widely used by content creators and small business owners to strengthen their brand and build up their business step by step.

Can I build my microbrand entirely in the Cockpit?

The Shirtigo Cockpit offers you everything to start a microbrand and connects you directly to your sales channels. You have all tools at your fingertips for microbranding with print-on-demand or warehoused products. We offer a wide range of printable textiles as well as accessories, wall art and drinking vessels. You can add elegant branding options to the textiles to make them stand out and put your brand in the spotlight.

We dropship all products to your customers on your behalf, so we don't have to appear on their behalf. You can add your logo to the delivery bill and the shipping packaging.

What branding features do you offer?

We offer stylish branding features on textiles, such as hang tags, woven labels on sleeves or hems, and neck prints on the inside or outside. In addition, you can add up to two of your own package inserts to each order, which you send to us and we store for you.

To top it off, you can leave your logo on the delivery receipt and shipping package. On the shipping label it is possible to include your company name with our or your own address.

Why microbranding with Shirtigo?

Shirtigo is your reliable print-on-demand partner with many years of experience. With us you get high quality products with first class print results at low prices. Connect your store to our POD system for free and design your products in our intuitive designer. In the Cockpit dashboard you always have a clear overview of your orders.

In addition to attractive branding features, we offer green dropshipping, warehousing, personalization and many other services. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you.

Start now

Start your own fashion label with print-on-demand

Take advantage of the Shirtigo Cockpit and establish your mircrobrand with our tools. Discover our attractive branding features to put your brands in the spotlight. No financial risk thanks to print-on-demand and dropshipping. Focus on your brand building while we take care of the entire process.