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Discover the personalisation solutions from Teeinblue and Shopify

With these personalisation solutions, you sell more than just off-the-shelf basics: you sell emotions, experiences and unique moments.

Customisable text fields

Allow customers to personalise products with names or messages. Offer customisable fonts and text sizes for unique designs.

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Schwarer Hoodie mit editierbarem Druckmotiv und Textfeld mit dem Schriftzug "Your name"

Customizable cliparts

Give your customers the opportunity to create their own designs using predefined design elements such as clipart graphics. The intuitive and flexible design freedom ensures deep and lasting customer loyalty.

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Photo upload

Let your customers capture their memories and moments with high-quality photo prints on their favourite products. With the intuitive photo upload and live preview, they can adjust the positions and sizes of the photos perfectly.

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Weißes Poster mit editierbarem Landkarten-Motiv und Schriftzug

Customisable maps and posters

Offer customisable maps: Customers can search for specific locations and display them as works of art in unique map views. Perfect for showcasing special places and memories in style.

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Don't have a Shopify store?

Do you use a different shop system or marketplace and want to sell personalised products? Find out more about our personalisation solutions here.

Laptop mit Beispielshop, der ein weißes T-Shirt mit editierbarem Druckmotiv und Logos von diversen Shopanbietern zeigt

Save time with the automated personalisation workflow

Personalisation made easy: from creating the print file to sending it to your end customer.
Illustration eines Laptops, der einen Shop mit Kleidung zeigt

01 A customer orders in your shop

The personalised print file is generated automatically and stored in the order.
Zwei sich überlagernde Kacheln mit den Logos von Shirtigo und Shopify und einem Synchronisieren-Symbol

02 Order transmission to the cockpit

Transfer the order manually or automatically to the Shirtigo Cockpit.
Illustration eines LKW mit Shirtigo-Logo und eines Pakets mit Versand-Label

03 Lean back

As a strong partner, we take care of the entire print-on-demand fulfilment.

Frequently asked questions

What is Teeinblue and how does it work with Shopify?

Teeinblue is an advanced personalisation platform for print-on-demand products that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It enables shop owners to offer their customers unique personalisation options, from text revisions to individual design elements.

Can I also use Teeinblue in other shop systems or marketplaces?

No, Teeinblue is an app specially developed for Shopify and is therefore only compatible with Shopify. This ensures that integration and use within the Shopify ecosystem functions optimally.

What happens after a customer has ordered a personalised product in my shop?

When a customer orders a personalised product in your shop, Teeinblue automatically creates the personalised file and stores it directly in the corresponding Shopify order. The order is then forwarded either manually or automatically to the Shirtigo Cockpit for print fulfilment. As a shop operator, you don't have to worry about anything; the entire process from order to delivery is fully automated for you.

How does Teeinblue support the customer experience in my online shop?

Teeinblue improves the customer experience by enabling shoppers to personalise products according to their wishes. This interactive experience increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering customers unique and personalised products.

What types of personalisation options does Teeinblue offer?

Teeinblue offers a variety of personalisation options, including text customisation, choice of graphics, photo uploads and the creation of personalised maps. Each of these options is designed to give customers maximum flexibility in customising their products.

Is it complicated to use Teeinblue in my Shopify shop?

No, Teeinblue is designed to be simple and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can install and configure the app in your Shopify shop. Teeinblue also offers detailed instructions and support to ensure smooth operation.

How can Teeinblue help my online business stand out from the competition?

By providing personalisation options, Teeinblue enables your business to stand out from standard online shops. By offering your customers unique, personalised products, you can carve out a niche and strengthen your brand.

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