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Turn your customers into designers and give yourself a competitive edge.

Take advantage of the trend towards personalization

This gives you a decisive competitive edge with personalized print-on-demand products.

Create a unique shopping experience

Turn your customers into designers and give them a memorable buying experience they'll remember.

More than off-the-shelf products

Sell unique products that perfectly reflect the personality of your customers.

Emotionalize your customers

Emotionalize your customers with personalized products and encourage them to buy.

Increase customer loyalty

Personalization means interaction: strengthen customer engagement and loyalty to your brand.
Weißes T-Shirt, weiße Sweat-Shorts und weiße Handyhülle mit personalisierten Motiven auf blauem Hintergrund

Discover the future of e-commerce

With personalized products you sell more than off-the-shelf products - you sell emotions, experiences and unique moments.

Visual product personalization: the turbo for your print-on-demand business

Personalized shopping experiences increase conversion rates by up to 250%.
Personalized products achieve up to 30% higher selling prices.
Thanks to visual solutions that accurately show the product's appearance, returns are reduced by up to 60%.
Featured Apps

How personalization works in Shopify

There are a number of personalization apps available to you in Shopify.
These include Zakeke, Zepto or Teeinblue.

How personalization works in the Shirtigo Cockpit

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional with thousands of sales: the Shirtigo Cockpit offers the right solution for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What are Personalized Print-on-Demand products?

Als Verkäufer von Personalisierten Print-on-Demand Produkten kannst Du Deine Kunden dazu einladen, Deine Basis-Designs mit ihrer persönlichen Note zu versehen und individuell zu gestalten. Deine Kunden haben die Möglichkeit, aus einer Auswahl von Basis-Designs zu wählen und sie mit persönlichen Details wie Wunschtexten, ihrem Namen, Geburtsdaten oder Cliparts zu personalisieren.

Auf diese Weise können sie ein einzigartiges Produkt erstellen, das perfekt zu ihrer Persönlichkeit und ihren Bedürfnissen passt. Mit dem Shirtigo Cockpit und Shopify kannst Du Deinen Kunden eine breite Palette von Personalisierungsoptionen für Print-on-Demand-Produkte anbieten und so Deine Kundenbindung und -loyalität steigern.

Does the Shirtigo Cockpit cost anything?

The use of Shirtigo Cockpit is free of charge. You only pay for the basic cost of the product and the finishing option for each order. This means that you only pay for the products that you actually sell. The exact cost depends on the type and size of your order. So you can try and test yourself risk-free.

Why are Personalized POD products trending?

Personalized products are trending because they allow customers to express their personality and create a unique shopping experience. In addition, visual product personalization can help customers better appreciate what the final product will look like, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

How to use Shopify with Shirtigo Cockpit to sell personalized print-on-demand products

As a Shopify user you can use the Shirtigo Cockpit to create personalized products for your online store. Shirtigo Cockpit offers seamless integration with Shopify, so you can sell your personalized products directly in your Shopify store. You can use Shirtigo Cockpit to design personalized products and share them with your customers to create a unique shopping experience.

With the Shirtigo Cockpit and Shopify, you can increase customer loyalty and increase your sales by offering your customers unique products that are perfectly tailored to their needs and desires. Das Shirtigo Cockpit bietet vielfältige Personalisierungsworkflows, vom manuellen Handling bis hin zur Vollautomatisierten Lösung via API. More info here.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that allows you as an online store owner to create and run an online store. The platform offers a wide range of features and tools that let you customize and manage your online store. Shopify is known for its ease of use, security and reliability and is used by millions of businesses worldwide.

How do personalized print-on-demand products reduce the rate of returns?

Visual solutions that accurately show how the product will look help customers better assess what the final product will look like. This reduces the likelihood of disappointment and associated returns.

How can Personalized Print-on-Demand help sell more?

Personalized products offer a unique shopping experience and allow customers to express their personality. By offering personalized print-on-demand products, you can increase customer retention and loyalty and achieve higher selling prices. This can lead to a higher conversion rate and thus increase your sales.

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