Earn money with your hobby online

This is how you can quickly and easily build a lucrative online business by selling print-on-demand products.

Monetise your hobby
with Print-on-Demand.

You have a hobby and want to build up a side-hustle on the internet quickly and easily? Then Print-on-Demand (POD) is just the thing for you! With POD, you can turn your knowledge of the ins and outs of your hobby into money quickly and easily.

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What are the advantages of selling with print-on-demand?

No financial risk

Start your print-on-demand business without any investment costs. You only pay for what you order.

Set your own price

You determine the sales price yourself and thus your profit per product sold.

No excess production

With print-on-demand, we only produce what is ordered. This is easy on your wallet and on the environment!

Easy start

Our user-friendly system makes it easy to get started with your print-on-demand business.
Your Profit

Launch your lucrative online business

This is how much you can earn with the sale of print-on-demand products. You determine the individual sales price yourself.

Organic Shirt
Retail price (recommended):
€ 21,95
Base price:
€ 11,11
Your Profit*
€ 7,34
Organic Hoodie
Retail price (recommended):
€ 39,95
Base price:
€ 27,88
Your Profit*
€ 5,69
Retail price (recommended):
€ 15,95
Base price:
€ 6,12
Your Profit*
€ 7,28
Retail price (recommended):
€ 18,95
Base price:
€ 8,76
Your Profit*
€ 7,16
Retail price (recommended):
€ 19,95
Base price:
€ 11,54
Your Profit*
€ 5,22
*Net profit per unit sold, based on our recommended retail prices.
Customer testimonials

Find out why customers choose us

Thanks to Shirtigo's dropshipping solution, we now have the possibility to easily put our designs on shirts and mugs. The quality of the products is excellent and the delivery times are top. Absolute recommendation!
Atelier Hannibal
As an eco fashion brand, the sustainable production of products is extremely important to us. Shirtigo has completely convinced us with their holistic sustainability concept. We can now fully concentrate on marketing our brand. We can recommend Shirtigo 100%.
Enrico Berges – CEO OTAYA

Operational Excellence

We guarantee that your products will arrive to you or your customers as ordered. Our complaint rate is only 0.29%! And if something is not in order, we will of course fix it quickly and easily.

Top class support

Our customer service and in-house IT support will help you within the shortest possible time. Thanks to our own system, which is constantly being further developed, we can react flexibly to your wishes.

Short production times

Thanks to automated production processes in our Smart Factory and high storage capacities, we produce 95% of all orders within 48 hours. If you're in a hurry, you can use our 24-hour express production.

How it works

5 steps to your own print-on-demand business

This is how you build your own online business quickly & easily with the Shirtigo Cockpit.

01 Define your niche & target audience

Use your expert knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of your hobby or passion to sketch out buyer personas or avatars that perfectly reflect your target audience.

Learn more in our blog

02 Create designs for your target group

Use the avatars to think of appealing designs for your target group and simply let AI tools like Midjourney generate them. Tips for creating designs.

Learn more in our blog

03 Create unique POD products with your designs

Upload your designs to Shirtigo Cockpit and create unique print-on-demand products. You can set the sales prices individually.

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04 Sell the POD products through your shop or marketplace

Sell the print-on-demand products through your own shop or marketplaces like Etsy/Amazon. You can also use a multichannel strategy. Once you have sold a product, we take care of production & shipping on your behalf.

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05 Manage and optimise your business from anywhere in the world

Maximise the potential of your business: With our customised solutions - including unique branding options, personalisation workflows and efficient returns management - you can efficiently optimise and manage your business wherever you are.

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